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Terms and conditions

Copyright: All photos are copyright: ©Robert Deaves

Publication on social media sites or online does not limit or remove that copyright in any respect.

Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the photo remain exclusively with Robert Deaves.

No photo may be sold, passed on for other uses, or otherwise distributed in any way, including, but not limited to, print, online and digital use.

Low-resolution versions of most photos are available from respective Flickr pages. These are free to use for editorial purposes, personal social media. Sharing is fine with credit.





Personal licence

Photos purchased under a ‘Personal License’ may be used for personal use only, such as prints for personal use and gifts, social media and sailor webpages. They may not be used for any commercial or advertising use or product promotion without written permission. They may not be used for financial gain by any method.

Commercial license

Photos purchased under a ‘Commercial License’ may be used for limited commercial use including websites and advertising on internal pages for magazines with distribution of 5,000 or less.

Any use for magazine advertising for more than 5,000 copies, covers, books, promotional use for public usage, please contact robertdeaves@yahoo.co.uk for details and pricing.

This changes the standard Commercial License shown on the photo pages.


(as at 21 February 2019 - subject to change)

£25 for personal use (prints, personal social media, family and friends)

£50 for limited commercial use (online, website, promotional for under 5,000 copies)

From £100 for full commercial use (advertising, branding, front covers, public promotional display etc)


All photos are stored in the highest available resolution. This is normally between 3500 pixels wide to 5700 pixels wide, depending on cropping. Most will be large enough to print at A3 size in high quality. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality or size of the photo, please get in touch to arrange a replacement.

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